Marie-Louise Plum, b.1981

Multidisciplinary all-rounder: paint, print, collage, multimedia art. I also incorporate written pieces into my visual art, in the form of free verse poetry, prose and short stories.

Employing both using traditional and contemporary methods and practices, I create provocative visual art, writing, audio and video. This often forms the basis of long term, conceptual projects. 


Sketchbook, notebooks and journals, both digital and analogue, are of profound importance to me. It is with these records - compiled of writing, found items, images and field recordings, as well as traditional painting, collage and print - I lay the foundations for my ‘exhibition ready’ art. 

My obsessions are social history and human behaviour, memory, sense of self, space and place, responses to trauma, loss and letting go. I am particularly interested in the signs, symbols and subconscious narrative relating to those topics. Through my works I invite the viewer to approach a world they might already be familiar with, but do their best to shy away from.


Most importantly, I am asking you to see, think, and consider.


You may have seen or heard me at: Wellcome Collection, National Maritime Museum, BBC Radio 4, Royal College of Art, William Morris Gallery, Edinburgh and Stockholm Fringe Festivals, amongst other places. 

Selected Performances


Suburban English Magick 

Durational live painting, poetry and audio installation

CCCA, Coventry



Roving Diagnostic Unit (as Mental Spaghetti)

Performance tour with Bobby Baker and Daily Life Ltd

Wellcome Collection, Shuffle Festival and William Morris Gallery, London, UK



The Lights Are On

Durational live painting, poetry and audio installation

Fox Court, London, UK



Running With Wolves (as Pack of Wolves Collective)

Masked performance tour Pack of Wolves

Stockholm Fringe Festival




Masked performances, site specific installations, UK tour

The Old Police Station, Deptford, London

Forest Fringe, Edinburgh

The Arthouse, Glasgow

Selected Exhibitions


History in Your Hands (as Old Father Thames)

Curated by the Thames Museum

St. Paul's Cathedral and Cutlers' Hall London, UK


#VirtualVisions / William Blake Festival



Foragers of the Foreshore (as Old Father Thames)

Group exhibition, curated by Florence Evans

OXO Barge House London, UK



Moore Plum - Paintings, Music & Things

Stash Gallery London, UK


Imitation Solero

Group exhibition, curated by Broken Grey Wires

The Soup Kitchen Manchester, UK



Silver Linings

Group exhibition, curated by The Unseen Emporium/Victoria Tischler

The Koppel Project, London, UK


One Bare Foot Square

Group exhibition, curated by Uncooked Culture

Van Den Geest Hermitage Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands


What Goes On In the Mind (as Mental Spaghetti)

Mental Spaghetti/AIMS group exhibition

Town Hall Gallery & Museum Oxford, UK


The Mind Machine (as Mental Spaghetti)

Group exhibition

Menier Gallery London, UK

2012 - 14

Once Upon Again (as Pack of Wolves Collective)

New Folk Visionaries (as Pack of Wolves Collective)

Group exhibitions

Winns Gallery London Milkwood Gallery Cardiff, UK




Postcards Festival

Jacksons Lane Theatre, London, UK



Space Made Live

Group exhibition curated by Small Media Large for West End Festival

The ArtHouse Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

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Selected Teaching & Public Engagement


Greenwich in 50 Objects

Mudlarking and social history seminar

National Maritime Museum London, UK



Freedom to Express

Series of workshops aimed at SEND children

Free Space Project London, UK




Guest lecturer, Visual Comms PHD group

Royal College of Art London, UK


Guest lecturer, Creative Arts & Mental Health

Queen Mary University London, UK


Diagnostic Portraiture

Drawing workshop for Daily Life Ltd

Vestry House Museum London, UK


Mental Fight Club

Panel guest, ReThink Psychiatry

The Dragon Café London, UK


39 Hoe Street

Drawing workshops for

The Big Draw London, UK



Mental Health in the Media

Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Media and Communication

Bournemouth University



Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Illustration workshop

Glasgow, UK

Curation and Production


Scratch The Surface: Dialogue (as Mental Spaghetti)

Arts Festival Curated by Collective//Pod, co-curating/producing London elements of this Coventry-based arts festival.

Herbert Gallery, CCCA, Fargo Village Coventry, UK

Inside Out : Outside In

Exhibition of work from Medium Secure Unit residents

The Dragon Café London, UK

Published Work

The Caterpillar Magazine with John Hegley Issue 7 Winter 2014

Thrill Murray Colouring Book for Belly Kids

Forest Fringe Newspaper for Forest Fringe

Big Team Scribble Colouring Book for The Scribble Project


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